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One more way to 

Summit is excited to introduce Apple Pay to make purchases with your Summit debit and credit card.

Here’s what you need to get started:

• iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or newer
• iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 or 4 and newer
• The latest version on iOS
• Touch ID or passcode setup and enabled on device
• An Apple ID signed into iCloud
• Summit Community Bank debit or credit card

1) Open Wallet app. On iPad go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay

2) Tap “Add Credit or Debit Card”

3) If your Summit debit or credit card is already on file with iTunes, enter the cards security code. Otherwise, use the camera to capture the information on your Summit Community Bank debit or credit card. Next you will be prompted to enter a name for your card and fill in the expiration date and security code from Summit debit or credit card.

4) Tap “Next”.  Summit Community Bank will verify your information with a phone call and you will be prompted to dial the number provided on their screen or tap the “Call Summit Community Bank” link to start the call.  In order to input the card information, you will be asked to provide the following information: Card Number, Name on Card, and a recent transaction made with the card.  If there has not been a transaction on the card, other questions such as date of birth, last 4 of tax ID number, or home phone number may be used.  Once enrolled, you can verify your card any time after it is added. After the call,  return to Wallet on iPhone or Settings> Wallet & Apple Pay on iPad and follow the steps.



5) Once the card has been verified, the card will be authorized and you will see the authorization appear in the wallet. The card may now be used to process transactions.


You may use Apple Pay with your device in stores that accept contactless payments. Look for one of these symbols at checkout:



Pay in stores:

To pay with Apple Pay using Summit as your default card, hold the top of the iPhone within an inch of the contactless reader with your finger held on Touch ID without pressing it.

To pay with a different card on your iPhone:

  • Hold the top of your iPhone near the contactless reader without placing finger on Touch ID.
  • Tap default card. From the list of cards, tap the card you would like to use
  • Place finger on Touch ID and move your iPhone near the reader to complete the payment


To prepare to pay in advance to get through checkout quickly:

  • While iPhone is locked, double – click the Home button
  • Default card will appear. Switch cards by tapping the card intended to use.
  • Place finger on Touch ID until you see Hold Near Reader to Pay
  • Hold the top of the phone near the contactless reader to send payment information.

Touch Authentication

Sign into your online banking with the touch of your finger!

With touch authentication, clients have the option to sign into online banking with the touch of your finger. Any touch id enabled phones (5s, 6, 6+) and iPads (both IPad pro sizes, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4) have the option for this feature. Passwords are no longer necessary with this new feature. To get  started, turn on the touch ID option in the Apple device.

To setup Touch Authentication, setup a passcode for the device and follow the easy steps below:

  1. Ensure the home button and finger are clean and dry.
  2. Tap Settings – Touch ID & Passcode, then enter your passcode
  3. Tap Add a Fingerprint and hold your device, touching the Home button. Touch your finger to the Home button – but don’t press. Hold it until you feel a quick vibration or until prompted to lift your finger.
  4. Continue to lift and rest your finger slowly making slight adjustments to the positon of the finger each time.
  5. The next screen prompts you to adjust your grip. Hold the device when normally unlocking it and touch the Home button with the outer areas of your fingertips, instead of the center portion that was first scanned.

For any issues enrolling one finger, try another. 


Open the Summit Community Bank App 

  • ​Under the Security preferences menu item
  • Once this screen is opened, select the option called ‘Touch ID’ which is turned off by default. Press the “Off” and the indicator will change to “On”.
  • A disclosure screen will appear explaining the program. Select ‘Continue’ to advance to the setup section. 
  • Next, you will be prompted to enter online banking user name and password and click ‘Authorize’.

  • Then a prompt will appear to place your finger on the reader so the system can confirm the print.

Once completed, log off online banking and restart the app. The option should appear to log in using Touch Authentication.

To log in, simply tap the screen and place the finger on the scanner (home button) that was used during setup. The app will then open as if a user Id and Password had been used. To turn off touch access, simply go back into the security preferences screen in the app and change the toggle setting to ‘Off’.