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Job Opportunities in Northern West Virginia


Summit Community Bank, Area Manager

Area Manager will cover the SCB offices in Northern WV and Northern VA.

Education requirements: High School Diploma or Equivalent

Experience or Skill requirements: 

  • Five years management experience or equivalent retail banking experience preferred.
  • Exhibit strong leadership skills-collaboration, flexibility, creativity, integrity, and influence.
  • Strong project-management skills with ability to influence at all levels.
  • Innovative and highly motivated.
  • Highly competent and confident in a sales and service environment.
  • Highly organized and goal-oriented.
  • Proven ability to negotiate, manage relationships, and influence across business lines.
  • Highly professional with excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Excellent computer skills with advanced working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, One Note and Outlook).
  • Excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Comfortable in an environment of multiple priorities and rapid change.



  • Achievement of the overall Retail business growth goals and advancement of the area by directing business development, sales management and employee development.
  • Lead by example “Service Beyond Expectations, Begins With Me” by following our defined principles and to ensure goals are met and exceeded within the area and each branch of responsibility.
  • Make joint outside sales calls to current business clients as well as prospects with Market Manager, Community Bank Manager and/or Commercial Relationship Representative.
  • Future focused, foresee gaps and trends and influence direction across the Area.
  • Manage staff directly and through subordinate managers.  Provide direction, set goals and ensure that branches manage toward overall goals, programs and objectives.
  • Assist in Area-wide projects with and for Chief Banking Officer
  • Lead the Area with vision, communicates and drives the Retail vision. 
  • Generally manage an area according to the bank’s criteria which may include large, complex and an extensive geographic area.
  • Partnered with the Market Manager/Community Bank Manager, promote Summit Community Bank throughout the community and local markets.
  • Primary contact for overall building maintenance with collaboration of the Facilities Manager.
  • Primary Contact for overall security with collaboration of the Security Officer.
  • Coordinate with the Chief Banking Officer and retail team to identify, develop and implement skill competencies in product knowledge, technology, sales, sales management and customer service behaviors.
  • Evaluate and recommend decisions on hours of operations during inclement weather, working in conjunction with Market Managers/Community Bank Managers, to the Chief Banking Officer.
  • Evaluate branch area and banking services for the purpose of making recommendations to the Chief Banking Officer on changes to retail office locations, staffing and hours of operation.
  • Core competency in goal management to include setting goals and goal achievement, various sales and goal reporting mechanisms and overall retail incentive programs and management.
  • Implement and maintain consistent retail employee work schedules within all branch locations.
  • Collaborative approach with Market Managers/Community Bank Managers in all facets of Performance Management and Corrective/Disciplinary Actions working in concurrence with the Chief Human Resources Officer and Chief Banking Officer.
  • Develop and implement strategies to achieve growth of individual retail branches.
  • Maintain a collaborative team approach to PR/Sponsorship budget.
  • Other duties assigned.

Summit Financial Group, Full-Time Compliance Assistant, Moorefield, WV

Experience or Skill requirements: 

  • Preferred Banking experience or bank compliance experience
  • Knowledge of banking systems, products, and banking regulations is a plus
  • Ability to follow instructions after given and work independently on multiple tasks in a deadline driven, regulatory environment
  • Ability to retain a broad knowledge of tasks performed in compliance functions, applicable banking regulations and laws, and company policy and procedures
  • Analytical skills including the ability to take knowledge of policies, procedures, regulations, and laws to identify potential problems or weakness, collect supporting data, and work with the Director of Compliance on any resolutions
  • Ability to clearly document reviews and their judgements, decisions, and conclusion on the area reviewed
  • Must approach tasks in a way to adhere to assigned deadlines while working on multiple tasks
  • Has strong organization skills, is highly motivated, and is detail-oriented
  • Excellent writing and oral communication skills
  • Excellent research and computer skills
  • Experience with Microsoft Office suite
  • Travel is required to company offices and outside training, as assigned



  • Reviewing New and Renewed Report to complete HMDA/CRA reporting for applicable loans
  • Reviewing Denied/Withdrawn Loan Applications to complete HMDA/CRA reporting for applicable loans
  • Analyzing and interpreting loan applications and related documentation gathered during the loan process to appropriately completed the HMDA/CRA reporting for applicable loans in accurately and timely manner
  • Maintaining the HMDA LAR and CRA LAR
  • Maintaining and updating records for Community Reinvestment Act
  • Reviewing and approving Advertisements, Brochures, Disclosures, New Product Disclosures, New Systems, etc.
  • Conducting compliance related reviews, risk assessments and self-assessments in accordance with the Compliance Review Schedule
  • Completing compliance related annual reports
  • Creating and retaining supporting work papers by thoroughly documenting tests performed and related findings
  • Preparing items for Company Committees and the Audit and Compliance Committee
  • Assisting the Director of Compliance with implementing new or changes to rules and/or regulations and subsequent reviews of the implementation for compliance with the new or changed rules and/or regulations
  • Assisting with writing, updating, and implementing compliance related policies, procedures, and processes necessary to comply with applicable rules and regulations
  • Assisting with Compliance research as necessary to assist employee with compliance related questions
  • Making recommendations to the Director of Compliance when and where appropriate
  • Administrative duties for the Director of Compliance, as needed
  • Other compliance related duties may be assigned


Summit Financial Group, Full-Time Compliance Assistant, Moorefield, WV

Deposit Experience or Skill requirements

  • Preferred Banking experience or bank compliance experience
  • Knowledge of banking systems, products, and banking regulations is a plus 
  • Excellent research and computer skills 
  • Experience with Microsoft Office
  • Strong organization skills, highly motivated, and detail-oriented
  • Ability to follow instructions and work independently on multiple tasks in a deadline-driven, regulatory environment.
  • Excellent writing and oral communication skills
  • Ability to retain a broad knowledge of tasks performed in compliance functions and applicable banking regulations


  • Assist with managing the day-to-day operations of the company's BSA, AML, CIP, and OFAC Compliance program.
  • Review cash transaction reports to determine if a Currency Transaction Report (CTR) is required to be filed and if a Monetary Instruments logs needs to be completed.
  • Complete the Currency Transaction Reports (CTRs).
  • Complete the Monetary Instruments Logs.
  • Maintain Exempt customer files and complete the annual review of the exempt customers.
  • Complete the Designation of Exempt Person Forms (DOEP)
  • Monitor Exempt customers and reviewing monthly alerts that are generated on the exempted customers.
  • Maintain Money Service Business customer files and complete the annual review of the MSB customers.
  • Monitor Money Service Business customers and reviewing monthly alerts that are generated on the Money Service Business customers.
  • Assist with customer and account-level research on a wide variety of data in an effort to identify suspicious and/or illegal activity.
  • Assist with monitoring and reviewing customer and account activity to analyze the customer or account risk level, including high-risk customers and accounts.
  • Review customer risk scores to determine if a customer would be considered high risk and performing due diligence for high risk customers based on the time frame set for the customer (i.e. every two years, annually, semi-annually, every three months, or monthly).
  • Assist with documenting results of any research performed on a customer or account.
  • Review potential hits of various scans to determine if they are a true match to a suspect name.
  • Assist with Compliance research.
  • Assist with completing compliance-related risk and self-assessments.
  • Assist with performing special or target compliance reviews.
  • Assist with writing and updating compliance-related policies and procedures.
  • Assist with implementing policies, procedures, and processes necessary to comply with rules and regulations.
  • Review and approving advertisements, brochures, disclosures, etc.
  • Prepare items for Audit and Compliance committee.
  • Prepare and gather information for compliance-related examinations.
  • Make recommendations to the Director of Compliance.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Summit Community Bank,  Full-Time Customer Service Teller,  Mathias, WV

Education requirements: High School Diploma or GED

Experience or Skill requirements:

  • Comfortable and confident in a sales and service environment
  • Must be able to be a part of a team and work closely with fellow Customer Service Tellers and Customer Service Representatives
  • Must have and exhibit a professional manner and exhibit good interpersonal skills
  • Must have computer knowledge, good typing skills, math skills, attention to detail, and be a good listener


  • Primary role is to provide superior customer service experience during the client interaction
  • Ensure all clients are greeted immediately upon entering the branch office
  • Performs lobby management effectively to ensure the needs of clients are identified and fulfilled
  • Perform routine banking transactions such as deposits, checks, payments, cash orders, coin processing, issuing official checks/money orders, etc.
  • Equitably contributes to the branch attainment of sales and referral products goals by identifying and making referrals
  • Will need to be able to assist clients in many aspects of their accounts directly and indirectly through referrals including account inquiries, account maintenance, account resolution, online and mobile products and services, and debit cards
  • Adheres to all policy and procedures of the company
  • Follows operational procedures including protecting customers, bank assets and bank security
  • Accurately completes information on systems and forms to mitigate exposure while ensuring service delivery and quality
  • May serve as a specialty teller as assigned; vault/back up vault, ATM, Coin, etc.
  • Will make our promise of “Service Beyond Expectations” Begins with Me real and believable by following our defined principles
  • Opportunity exists for cross-training of a Customer Service Representative Position.
  • Other duties as assigned

Summit Community Bank, Full-Time Summit Assist Teller, Moorefield, WV 

Summit Assist Teller’s (SAT) primary role is to provide prompt and superior customer service during the client interaction. SAT’s must be high-energy, service minded employees who are driven to be the best. They enhance the client’s experience through video transmission, using multiple software programs from our centralized Interactive Teller Center. They must be comfortable and friendly on camera. The Summit Assist Teller will support and demonstrate Service Beyond Expectations, Begins with Me service standards. SAT’s must be professional and friendly at all times and willing to work flexible work shifts to accommodate the extended operating hours and business needs of the Interactive Teller Center.

Education requirements: High School Diploma or GED

Experience or Skill requirements:  

  • Prior retail banking experience preferred.
  • Prior customer service experience preferred.
  • Proficient and comfortable with technology devices and services.
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate with clients through video in a professional and friendly manner.
  • Multitasks by working within multiple software programs concurrently to process a transaction while interacting with a client.
  • Works well independently and able to prioritize.
  • Strong organizational skills and detail-orientated with high degree of accuracy.
  • Effective problem solving skills to resolve issues.
  • Comfortable and confident in a centralized service and sales environment and ability to work closely with fellow Summit Assist Tellers and Contact Center Representatives.
  • Demonstrated excellent typing and computer skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.


  • Promptly performs routine banking transactions such as deposits, checks, payments, and ability to print and correct transactions.
  • Assists clients in many aspects of their accounts directly and indirectly through referrals including account inquiries, products, and services, online and mobile technology and marketing campaigns.
  • Remains up to date and educated on software, systems, products, services, marketing campaigns, and policy and procedures.
  • Clearly communicates the proper use of the interactive teller machine, handling client anxiety to new technology and their questions and objections.
  • Promotes the benefits of technology and ensures a positive experience.
  • Effectively uses position authority in order to make on-the-spot decisions including exceptions, providing solutions, adjustments and overrides.
  • Resolves complex and non-routine inquiries concerning bank policy and operating procedures; researches and resolves client’s issues/questions/concerns as time permits, referring more complicated and timely situations to the branch staff and/or appropriate department.
  • Utilizes various bank software programs, intranet site, and website to facilitate client’s transactions.
  • Performs end of day balancing according to procedures.
  • Adheres to all policy and procedures, security, audit and compliance of the company. 
  • Follows operational procedures including bank security in order to protect client and bank assets.
  • Meets or exceeds minimum personal referral goals and contributes to Interactive Teller Center goals.
  • Accurately completes information on systems and forms to mitigate exposure while ensuring service delivery and quality. 
  • Summit Assist Teller will make our promise of “Service Beyond Expectations” Begins with Me real and believable by following our defined principles.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Summit Financial Group, Full-Time Item Processor, Moorefield, WV 

Education requirements: Associates Degree or equivalent work experience.

This position will be on a 6-week rotating schedule with one week of late shift.

Experience or Skill requirements:  

  • Highly organized and able to multi-task.
  • Self-starter and team-oriented.
  • Committed to customer service.
  • Experienced in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.
  • Efficient with a 10-key data entry.


  • Balance, correct rejected items and monitor the direct dashboard report for Direct Teller.
  • Process incoming Fed file.
  • Process incoming Return file.
  • Balance, correct rejected items, and memo post Merchant Capture deposits.
  • Review, process, and memo post My Summit Mobile deposits.
  • Review and correct unposted items for checking, savings, safe deposit box, loan loss, and general ledger accounts.
  • Process and prepare return file for overdrafts.
  • Process Regulation E disputes on dispute tracking system.
  • Index deposit documents.
  • Balance various general ledger accounts.
  • Review signatures and endorsements on Large Items.
  • Compare ATM report to General Ledger to ensure it balances.
  • Complete Social Security Administration income request verifications.
  • Process US Treasury Reclamations.
  • Balance ACH general ledger accounts.
  • Process initiated and received Federal Reserve Bank check adjustments.
  • Process Debt Management requests to close ODP (overdraft protection) and Non-ODP deposit accounts.
  • Process Debt Management requests to add fresh-start accounts to the computer system.
  • Process incoming and outgoing wires.
  • Handle requests and complete work in order to complete the service standards and turnaround time for the department in support of, Service Beyond Expectations Begins With Me.


Summit Financial Group, Full-Time Centralized Loan Processor, Moorefield, WV 

Education requirements: High school diploma or GED

Centralized Processor will support Loan Officers, Retail Branch Employees (CSR and Community Bank Manager) in the role of processing consumer loan requests, including but not limited to unsecured loans, auto loans, lot loans, home equity lines of credit, credit cards, loan modifications, mortgage loans, renewals, etc.

The employee will set up loan requests utilizing the appropriate tracking and loan software system, assign in the processing queue by loan type and begin processing the requests as required to include:

  • Order, manage status and receipt with third party vendors:  Flood, appraisal, legal, title insurance, additional loan requirements, early disclosure and checks.
  • Obtain approval from appropriate employee based on Loan Policy Attachment A.
  • Manage and prioritize pipeline of loan requests.
  • Complete any and all regulatory reporting such as CRA, HMDA, etc.
  • Review Clear to Close Conditions.
  • Process and schedule loan closings.
  • Prepare loan documents and send electronic/mail.
  • Disburse loans.
  • Final Processing – review of signed loan package and submission to loan processing.
  • Scan documents received and forward to Title & Insurance Processors so the tracking may be updated or deleted.
  • Manage and correct all document tracking items.
  • Centralized Processor will process, complete and adhere to policies and procedures of the company, specifically Loan Policy.  Follows operational and compliance regulations and requirements.  The employee will be asked to organize their work and will be accountable for follow up and resolution with any and all document tracking items.
  • Centralized Processor will deliver “Service Beyond Expectations” by following the defined principles.

Experience or Skill Requirements:
The employee must be highly organized, have great attention to detail and follow up.  Must have computer knowledge, good typing skills, math skills, analytical skills and be a good listener and problem solver.  The employee must have the ability to multi-task, maintain a high degree of accuracy, ability to prioritize and manage work flow, and be adaptable to an ever changing internal and external environment.  Must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills.  They must have and exhibit a professional manner and exhibit good interpersonal skills.  Position may be cross-trained to process specialty loans such as Business Credit Card and Secondary Mortgage requests.  Loan experience preferred.  Centralized Processor will be registered as a Notary Public and will be added to the NMLS Registry.

Summit Financial Group, Full-Time Corporate Trainer, Moorefield, WV 

Education requirements: 4-year college degree or equivalent Trainer experience.

Experience/Skill requirements:

Communication proficiency (written and verbal). Ability to convey knowledge to various learning styles and to observe and assess employee comprehension. In-depth knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, and Power Point) and proficient use of video/audio equipment and software required. Ability to understand and work with many different learning styles and personalities required.  Technical capacity.  Possess leadership skills, initiative and flexibility.  Must be able to speak in front of a crowd, and produce and understand training materials.  Human Resources experience a plus. Experience in adult education or related training activities a plus.  Experience with developing training courses, and writing lesson plans a plus.
Summary:  Professional Educator of company positions, policies, procedures, and expectations.

Duties to be completed in conjunction with other Corporate Trainers:

  • Conducts and coordinates new employee orientation.
  • Collaborates with others to design content of training sessions.
  • Conducts and coordinates training sessions covering specified areas such as those concerned with on-the-job training, use of computers and software, health and safety practices, refresher training, promotional development, retraining, and leadership development.
  • Develops and conducts or coordinates training programs for all employees, supervisors, and Board of Directors.
  • Assesses trainees (through observations, tests, exercises, etc.) to measure progress and to evaluate effectiveness of training.
  • Works closely with the Human Resources department on HR-related matters such as the hiring and termination of employees, retraining plans, and employee transfers.
  • Works closely with the managers of each area (retail, lending, insurance) to enhance and implement the best training practices.
  • Coordinates with the Director of Compliance to develop and track compliance training for all employees.
  • Develops, updates, and coordinates position-specific training (such as Customer Service Teller training).
  • Works within an approved annual training budget and keeps record of all annual training.
  • Serves as the EUAC (End User Authorization Contact) for company’s Fedline Subscribers.
  • Stays current with technological advances and makes suggestions for updates to employees as appropriate and conducts training as necessary.
  • Responds to suggestions from management of work situations requiring training for changes in policies, procedures, regulations, and technologies.
  • Formulates teaching outline and determines instructional methods, utilizing knowledge of specified training needs and effectiveness of methods such as individual training, group instruction, lectures, demonstrations, conferences, meetings, and workshops.
  • Selects or develops teaching aids, such as training handbooks, demonstration models, multimedia visual aids, computer tutorials, and reference works.
  • Available to employees for assistance with various technical and procedural questions.
  • Instrumental part of conversion teams.
  • Actively involved in new software testing/setup.  Assists in developing an implementation plan for new software.
  • May specialize in developing instructional software.
  • Coordinates training events presented by outside sources.
  • Handles System Access Sheets for new employees, employee changes, disabled and terminated employees.
  • Handles outside training requests and travel arrangements. 
  • Some travel required.
  • Other duties as assigned

Summit Financial Group, Full-Time Post Closer, Moorefield, WV 

Education requirements: Associate’s Degree or equivalent work experience in a related field.

Experience or Skill requirements: 

  • Highly organized, strong on follow up, and meticulous with details. 
  • Professional and team-oriented in working with lending staff, attorneys, title companies and insurance companies. 
  • Professional verbal and written communication skills with excellent Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook skills.


  • Adhere to the “Service Beyond Expectations-Begins With Me” Pillars.
  • Contribute knowledge to Centralized Processors, Loan Officers, and Loan Officer Assistants of final loan documents, their importance, purpose, and frequent causes of non-compliance.
  • Download monthly document tracking reports for the Centralized Loan Processing Department and assigned Loan Officers. Follow up weekly.
  • Provide consistent follow up with Lenders, Loan Officer Assistants, attorneys, title companies, insurance agencies to verify that Centralized Loan Processing will receive closing documents in a timely manner with the goal of no item outstanding for more than 90 days.
  • Review Final Title Insurance/Opinions, Deeds of Trust, Titles and UCC-1s to verify accuracy and that they adhere to Loan Policy. 
  • Communicate to the Loan Officer/Loan Assistant exceptions found during the Centralized Loan Processing document tracking process and assist in correction.  
  • Maintain a Document Tracking Exception Report spreadsheet that tracks outstanding items and applicable notes until corrected.
  • Scan documents received and forward to Title & Insurance Processors so the tracking may be updated or deleted. 
  • Prepare documents, follow up and scan all documents for construction draw requests. Work closely with Originators and the Vice President of Mortgage Originations to complete draw requests.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Summit Financial Group Inc. and the Subsidiaries continuously accepts resumes for positions at any of our locations. If interested in becoming part of the Summit Financial Group team, please forward your resume to:

Summit Financial Group, Inc.
c/o Director of Human Resources
PO Box 179, 300 North Main Street
Moorefield, WV 26836
or email your resume to:
We look forward to hearing from you!
Summit Financial Group and the Subsidiaries are an Equal Opportunity Employer of women, minorities, protected veterans and individuals with disabilities.